Feeling Tired All The Time? Try Lifting Some Weights.


Despite what you may believe, I don’t actually believe that strength training is the cure to all evils. Yes it’s underrated but not a miracle cure.

I believe everyone should try some form of strength training at one stage or another. I also believe that it can benefit many areas of people’s life, everything from mental state, physical condition and even sex life (yes I just said that).

One common thread I see with newbies is the improvement of energy levels from strength training. This increased vigour occurs almost immediately. Within a matter of a week or two.

The Female Dilemma

99% of my clients have been female. Whilst a large percentage of that have been busy mums. You can guess that lacklustre energy is common place with this demographic.

Running after little terrors takes its toll. Little time for relaxation, convenience foods and lack of exercise culminate in sapped energy levels.

However, the addition of a strength training routine counteracts this. I do understand that a new routine tends to accompany more time for oneself and a better diet so can be difficult to pinpoint if it’s the strength training that made the difference.

Yet I just feel that the training itself invigorates individuals. A feeling that you don’t get from cardio or diet alone.

Exercise does lend itself well to our energy levels. When we exercise we release dopamine and endorphins which give us that uplifted feeling.

That’s why although you might be burning more energy than you’re consuming (if weight loss is the goal), you still feel more energetic.

Much of the research on strength training comes from studies on depression. Studies have proven that strength training two to three times per week reduces symptoms of mild to moderate depression.

It might not seem to be exactly ‘energy levels’, however as depression is associated with lower levels of endorphins you can see the link.

When you lift weights it gives you that upbeat, energetic feeling.


We live in a crazy social media, newsflash, work, work, work society at the moment. That has its pros and cons.

One of those disadvantages is the sheer amount of stress we’re put under. The mental pressure people are experiencing causes physiological changes in the body.

When we’re stressed we chronically release cortisol. This change can lead to a decrease in energy. Lifting weights can help offset some of these changes within the body.

Psychologically it takes its toll. Feeling overwhelmed and like you have a million things to do at once saps our energy. However, some of this stress can be channelled into something productive (lifting).

In my own experience I find lifting acts like a type of meditation. When you’re squatting or deadlifting heavy weight, it’s impossible to be thinking about anything else other than lifting. It’s a sort of mindfulness.

Improved Energy Compounds

So take two different days for example. One day you’re sitting on the couch with your eyes feeling heavier and heavier whilst you nod off. The next you’re buzzing with energy and ready for action.

Which of these two days are you most likely to do a gym session? Which of these days are you most likely to make better choices? Of course the former.

When you lift and have improved energy this compounds on itself and means it’s easier for you to make better and better choices.

These improved choices act like interest, compounding, leading to greater improvements in energy etc.

What Can You Do?

Easy; lift, or at least try it out. I urge each and every one of you, especially if you’re a female to give strength training a solid month or two and see how you feel. You’ll see an instant improvement in your energy as well as the other benefits alongside it.

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