Are you sick of feeling out of shape, sluggish and lacking in cofidence? The Female Fat Blast Program can fast-track you to results you'd only dream of


Ladies Like You Are Transforming Their Bodies


Who Am I? 

James Mc Dowell

The fact that you're reading this means that you're sick of lacking in confidence, feeling like c**p and getting no results for the effort you're putting in

Trust me I know what you're going through

I was there

Throughout my college years I struggled with my weight  

Which impacted how I felt about my body  

But I changed  

For the past five years I have made it my mission to pass on the tools and tricks I used to transform my body to women just like you  

Women that deserve to look and feel great so they can become strong, sexy and confident 

Flexible food choices, smart gym workout routines and a solid mindset have helped me develop a positive body image  

So if you're ready to fast track your way to your dream body book your FREE Discovery Call Today........

In the call we'll map out a plan of action suited to YOU  

What Will It Do For You?

The Female Fat Blast Will Change Your Life

Lose Unwanted Body Fat

Are you tired of your weight yo-yoing up and down? Lose it once and for all with the program.

Regain Lost Confidence

Having excess weight can have a real dent in your confidence. Regain it within weeks with training, nutrition & mindset work.

24/7 Support

Stay accountable and have any and all questions asked through my exclusive FB group and email support.

Start to Enjoy Exercise Again

To have truly long lasting results you must enjoy the exercise you're doing. Fun, tailored workouts with myself make that possible.

Eat The Foods You Love Without Shame

You still have to live! No chicken, broccoli & rice meals with the program. Eat the foods you LOVE with no shame.

Develop a Solid Mindset

Learn the tools & tricks I've used to transform my mind so I lost weight & kept it off.

Ditch The Restrictive Diets

Get out of the diet merry-go-round and turn this into a lifestyle change. You won't feel deprived on the program.

Regain Your Energy

Within two weeks you should see a remarkable change in your energy levels. This will make exercise all the easier.

What My Clients Say

Ladies Like You In Leitrim/Roscommon Are Reaping The Rewards

"My life has completely changed. The benefits have been truly amazing, learning how to lift weights correctly, feeling confident and reaching goals I never thought I'd achieve"

-Anna Langrish, Drumshanbo

"He has been there every step of the way with amazing encouragement and support. The sessions are excellent and really enjoyable. I couldn't be happier and definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape.."

-Katie Higgins, Sligo

"I can't recommend James enough. Having had a bad experience with a previous trainer, the fear was real. He was always very encouraging and reassured me. I have lost weight, less irratble and more confident.."

-Sarah Egan, Drumhanbo

What You Get

12 Weeks of Advanced Coaching So You Can Start Losing Weight And Keep It Off

Two Personal Training Sessions Every Week

Bi-Weekly Measurement Tracking

Personalised Full Body Workout Routines Specially Designed to Suit Your Needs

115 (yep 115) Tasty, Healthy Recipes to Make Hitting Your Nutrition Targets That Bit Easier

Video Content Sent Straight To Your Inbox Every Week To Keep You On Track

Access to My Exclusive Members Support Group Where You’ll have Access to Even More Support

Nutrition Coaching Tailored To You

UNLIMITED Access to All Coaching Materials Including Coaching Videos, Instructional Exercise Videos & Educational PDFs

And a whole lot more!

What Happens If I Don't Sign Up?

You'll contiue on the merry-go-round of yo-yo dieting & restrictive meals plans

You won't finally gain the confience you want

You won't become educated on food so that you can eat the foods you love whilst losing weight

You'll be in the same place you are now in 12 weeks time


I'm nervous about attending the gym, is that a problem?

No, I am there to support & encourage you every step of the way.

Do you offer nutritional advice?

Yes, I coach you on how to eat flexibly so you can enjoy the foods you love and still get results  

How do we stay in contact?

Every week I send out an email with content and goals to follow. I offer 24/7 support via email.

How long are the sessions?

1 hour.

Where do the sessions take place?

Train & Gain, Carrick On Shannon (across from Lidl).

What if I want to work out with a friend?

This may be possible if you have similar goals. Explain the situation to me during the discovery call.