Ladies Gone Strong

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One to One Online Coaching to Build that Strong, Confident, Lean Body You’ve Always Wanted!

1-to-1 personal training with female strength expert, James Mc Dowell

For the past five years, James Mc Dowell has made it his has been helping women transform their bodies through strength training. He has made it his mission to get women like you to lift heavy things and become confident in your body.

He has experience of working with women in-person and online. His online clients have seen some jaw-dropping results. Females like you have gained strong, defined muscles in their areas of choice, whilst losing that stubborn body fat.

Why should women not get to experience the benefits of proper strength training? Females should experience an increased metabolism, defined muscles and pain free joints. Females should get to display their strength both mentally and physically.

Ladies Gone Strong

Women are strong! Be #StongAFLadies

The package includes:

Tailored Full Body Workout Routines

Workout programs are tailored for your goals. These are sent in an excel document with attached instructional videos.

You’ll be getting stronger, fitter and developing the body you want using these!

Personalised Meal Advice Plans

All nutritional guidance is structured around your tastes and preferences. If you don’t like a food, you don’t have to eat it! I’ll be coaching you on how flexible dieting can make your dream body a reality.

Over 100 Recipes to Enjoy

Cooking healthy, tasty and exciting meals is important for adherence. I have countless recipes to share with you!

Weekly Goal Setting

Every week I’ll be sending you a specific and measureable goal to attain. This is hugely important in an online setting

Coaching Calls Every Two Weeks

Every couple of weeks we will be doing a skype/messenger coaching call to see how you are progressing and if we need to iron out any issues.

Constant Support & Accountability

I’m famous for how much I keep on top of clients! I will be checking in every so often to make sure you’re heading in the right direction. I’m always available for a text or phone call.

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