Stuck In a Rut? 3 Methods For Pushing Through It


Regardless of your perception of the average personal trainer; I’m not one of these super motivated lads that pushes themselves to the limit every single session.

I’m not someone that will never miss a workout either. I never have been super ‘self-motivated’.

But in a way I see it as a good thing. It’s rare that the clients I work with are like that. I can count on one hand the women I’ve worked with that are that self-motivated.

Which means I identify what many women are going through. If I was a rough, tough PT that would go through a brick wall I’d hardly understand what you’re going through?

Even if you’ve began a gym program and you’re trying to eat healthy there will be times when you get ‘stuck in a rut’.

It can just seem like you can’t muster the motivation anymore. You might have begun to eat s**t food and fallen off the exercise bandwagon.

I get that.

Even I’ve went through it. Yes a PT that fell off the wagon with exercise? Shoot me I know.

Perhaps it was a break I needed. When I eventually did find the b***s to get back into it I actually felt reenergised.

But if you’re in a similar position I suggest you get back at it sooner than later. The longer you leave it, the worse you’ll feel and it will only be harder to get back.

So here are a few things to consider if you’re feeling a little stuck;

Don’t Think That You Need Motivation

Honestly, I wish we could remove the word motivation from the English language.

You know why? This may seem harsh but you’re using motivation as an excuse. If I asked you what exactly is motivation you’d struggle to put your finger on it.

It’s an idea. It doesn’t really exist. And if it does exist, it’s so fickle and short lasting that we can’t rely on it.

Believing that you NEED motivation to go to the gym or eat better is a recipe for disaster. It isn’t there often enough for it to work.

I think a big part of motivation is linked with our energy. Perhaps you confuse lack of motivation with a lack of energy?

So rather than waiting on motivation to magically arrive why don’t you take the steps to improve how you feel. Eat better, exercise, cut back on caffeine, get better sleep etc.

How do you do that? Rely on action rather than motivation. Decide you don’t need to be motivated. Go to the gym, go make a healthy meal, go to bed early. Not because you’re motivated, just because you’re a person of action and you can.

If you begin to exercise (especially strength train), your energy levels will improve and you’ll find it easier and easier to keep going.

Create Some Accountability

So here’s the thing; people come to a PT or do an online program because they want a little accountability. They don’t care about squats, supersets, protein, bench presses and the like.

They just want someone there on a Monday at 9am, or whenever, to make sure they go to the gym. They also want someone to measure their progress.

It’s all about being accountable to someone. Someone that will keep them in check.

Now this might seem like I’m shooting myself in the foot; but you don’t need a personal trainer to do this.

You have a wide circle of friends and family to do this. There’s a method I am going to be using with my ‘Strong & Sexy Female Transformation’ Program clients where I get them to tell ONE person every day about the new health kick their on.

I want them to tell their nearest and dearest about the new gym workout they’re doing, the food they’re eating and the mind-set work they’ve been practicing.

The idea behind this? The people you tell are inevitably going to follow up and ask how this is going for you.

They’ll ask ‘how’s the gym going?’ or ‘You getting good results?’

This creates some accountability and hopefully support. You’re not going to want to come back and say ‘oh I didn’t keep it up’. It’s like you’ll feel you’ve an obligation to keep going.

Better yet why not share your plans on social media. This brings it to a whole new level. This won’t be for everyone bear in mind. If you’re not naturally very outgoing on social media I wouldn’t suggest this.

Shake Up Your Routine

It mightn’t be that you’ve lost that spark; you may just be bored.

Have you been doing the same gym routine for months on end? Or eating the same thing for lunch every day? Come on that chicken salad isn’t as nice as you keep telling people.

I’ve been guilty of this myself, especially when it comes to food. Eating the same thing over and over until I eventually get sick of it all together.

It wasn’t that I wanted to stop eating ‘healthily’, it was just a case of boredom. Lots of women feel the same about exercise.

Imagine day after day slogging away on a treadmill or doing the same weights routine. That’d drive anyone mad.

If you’re following a gym routine, ideally you’d switch the exercise, sets or reps every 4-6 weeks. This is beneficial from a progression and variation standpoint.

Don’t be afraid to try something different, or even challenging. Constantly taking ourselves out of our comfort zone can be an exciting (although scary) and rewarding experience.

Wrap Up

Getting stuck in a rut happens to almost anyone. So when it does happen don’t feel overwhelmed or disappointed.

What’s important is that you try to take yourself out of it.

The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to get out of. It’s a hell of a lot easier to return to the gym after a couple of weeks off compared to a couple of months.

When you do return understand that it may surface again but at least now you’ll understand it and know what it takes to return.

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