Superstar Client #2: Maureen

Benching Like There’s No Tomorrow

Okay there are sessions I look forward to more than others, it’s human nature, don’t judge.

It could just be that I’m excited for a lift that someone is going to attempt, or they’ve been away on holidays and I want to hear the scandal. But in Maureen’s case it’s just that she’s serious craic.

There’s no other way of putting it. There’s NEVER a dull moment with this month’s superstar client.

I’ve known Maureen for years; I’m good friends with her son, Danny. So when I ‘went out on my own’ she was one of my first clients.

Maureen came to me as someone that had dabbled in lifting before but nothing consistent. Few classes with barbells here and there, but no proper lifting routine.

It’s Not Easy

It can’t be easy either. This is a woman that runs her own business. She somehow manages to find the time to train between paying employees’ wages, doing the books, cleaning and making sandwiches (she co-owns Crumbs Sandwich Bar in Carrick).

I could see from the very first session the potential in this lady. You just know when someone is going to be REALLY strong. I know that’s pretty relative but I could see that her lifts would increase pretty rapidly.

Yes her lifts needed a little tidying up but nothing major. Once we got those nailed down, her progression was out of this world.

She’s Strong As F**k

I use the term ‘Strong As F**K Ladies’ quite a bit; well Maureen is the epitome of this. Gone are the days of trudging away with cardio or killing herself with light weights and high reps.

Now Maureen lifts 3-4 times a week. She squats, deadlifts, bench presses and shoulder presses. Even when I get her to do a 15+ rep set of hip thrusts I usually get a ‘oh f**k off James’, but she still does it!

I would say I play football with a fair few lads that can’t squat 75kg for two reps, Maureen can. I’d also say many of them can’t hip thrust 120kg for 6 reps, guess who can? I love this. Ladies like Maureen can and should be strong.

The Results to Prove It

Maureen has lost a crazy 10 inches around her body, for a woman that was quite lean to begin with. She’s also responsible for one of the proudest moments I’ve ever experienced as a PT.

Maureen was going on holidays a few months ago and was bringing a jumpsuit she had. She’d kept this jumpsuit for 15 years, as it was pretty expensive yet never fit right. Low and behold it fitted like a glove for the holiday.

I was absolutely delighted for her. All her hard work was paying off.

She’ll tell you herself that staying consistent with an exercise routine is something she’s struggled with in the past, probably due to not enjoying training. There are no missed sessions these days, her consistency is unreal.

I think a large part of that comes down to the flexibility she has with her food/training. She still plays golf, goes out the odd weekend and heads off on holidays. Nothing restrictive or pressurising.

She’s really enjoying her training at the moment and I’m really excited to see how she progresses in the future.

It’s Not All Squats & Bench Pressing

Aside from her freakish strength; Maureen is just a genuine, nice person. I try my best to ask about my clients and how they’re feeling, rather than myself. But Maureen cares that much about other people it’s difficult.

It’s been a real treat training Maureen over the past 8 months or so. For anyone interested in getting into weights I urge you to ask Maureen for advice, she’s went through it and is getting the results we all dream of.

If not, at least go to Carrick and test out her culinary skills. Crumb’s Red Hot Wrap is de-f***ing-licious! You get a good laugh alongside it.

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