Superstar Client #3: Katie


You never get anywhere in life without making sacrifices.

Nothing comes easy.

Wanting to get fit, dreaming of becoming strong and setting goals of your ideal body don’t achieve anything. Whilst all of these are important, without putting the hard yards in and actually taking action, you won’t get anywhere.

Katie has put in the work.

Katie has made sacrifices.

Katie has pushed herself more than ever before.

Now Katie is reaping the rewards.

The Beginning

When this lady messaged me about starting PT in January, initially I was sceptical. Full time chef (long, hard hours), part-time student and pretty hectic schedule outside of that.

For most like that, making time for the gym just doesn’t come into the equation. Especially for someone starting in January. You know that initial burst of motivation most people get and then fade? That’s what I thought might be happening here.

But Katie isn’t most people.

She’s one of the most driven ladies I’ve ever met. I’d go as far as to say competitive, but competitive with herself.

That’s what got her through her saturated schedule.

Now Tell Me ‘You’re too busy’

In the lead up to her summer exams let’s go through a typical Monday; she’d get up at 7am-8am, study, have breakfast, get her s**t ready for driving to Dublin, study some more, go to the gym, drive to Dublin and stay in her boyfriend’s house.

She’d be up early Tuesday, go to college until 8pm, drive home, be in the gym at 9am Wednesday morning and then work an evening shift.

This is someone that was working five (sometimes six) days a week too and fitting in at least three gym sessions.

That’s sacrifice.

Those mornings when she could have sat on the couch watching TV (to unwind) were spent grinding away in the gym.

The sacrifice has paid off.

Strong As F**k

I’m sure she won’t mind me saying, but the first day she entered the gym a bodyweight squat was difficult. Initially for most people it is.

Nothing wrong with that.

But over the coming months her strength has gone through the roof. Back squatting 70kg for 4 reps, hip thrusting 140kg for 8 reps and bench pressing 14.5kg DB’s for 10 reps.

Those are crazy lifts.

The physical transformation has been equally impressive.

Not sure how, as a chef, she does it. I know if I was surrounded by food all the time I’d be fat as f**K. Yet she’s continuously dropped inches, weight and become really defined.

Katie has gone from a 31 inch to 28 inch waist, and overall 8 inches lost around the body!

All whilst only losing half an inch off her legs (ask her, she wants rock solid legs).

The Katie Blueprint

These are months that have included nights out (although rare), weekends away and dinners with her boyfriend.

No restrictive eating. No fad diets. No insane workouts.

Her journey is like the blueprint for getting the results you want. Every single lady out there can get the results she has if you follow her example to a tee.

Just lifting heavy s**t, eating good food and enjoying it.

Oh and being consistent.

That’s key. Not once has Katie missed a session. Be that with me or her own workouts.

Think the lesson to take from her journey is ‘no excuses’. I understand that people have families, busy jobs and crazy social schedules.

I get it.

But here’s a lady working 50+ hours a week whilst being a part-time student.

No excuses.

All in all she’s just a brilliant person to be around. Great laugh and doesn’t take things too seriously. I can’t thank her enough for training with me.

She deserves every last bit of the results she’s got so far and I’m excited to see how she progresses over the next few weeks and months.

Katie is among the Strong as F**k Ladies now! Well done!

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