Superstar Client #4: Sarah


Good things come in small packages as they say.

Well that’s what I say about myself. Let’s just say at 5’6’’ I’m ‘vertically challenged’.

But being small DEFINITELY does not mean that you can’t be strong; and Sarah is a testament to that.


Sarah has been one of my proudest transformations since beginning with me in September. The difference in less than a year is incredible.

 I think she’d tell you herself that at first the gym was a little intimidating.

The biggest change I’ve noticed in Sarah has been her mind-set. From exclusively training with me twice a week she’s cut that down to once with a whopping 3 solo sessions!

No fear, just gets in there, gets the work done and reaps the rewards.

Outstanding Results

Alongside the change in mind-set, came the physical transformation. Sarah has lost a crazy 7.5 inches off her waist alone! Overall her measurements have come down 16.5 inches and she weighs a stone lighter.

The dedication this lady has shown has been incredible. She’s a bit like me in the way that us ‘smaller’ individuals can’t get away with eating just as much. Simply due to our lack of physical presence we don’t burn as much calories.


So the fact that she’s dropped so much weight and inches is outstanding.


Here’s the point that really impresses me with Sarah; she’s my first ‘Superstar Client’ that has a young family. Three young boys (which can’t be easy, you know us males) under the age of 12.

Yet she STILL has made the time. She’s still made her health and fitness a priority. I know from working with women that finding the balance between looking after your family and looking after yourself can never be easy.

Between school runs, swimming lessons, cooking etc. it can be difficult to ‘make’ time. Sarah is a fantastic example of how it could and should be done.

I look forward to every session with Sarah, because nothing is taken too seriously. There’s always a chance for a bit of a laugh!

I’m always one to poke fun at myself and I think that’s why I find the sessions with her so funny; she’s just the same. I’ll say no more about the time she nearly killed a lad doing squats because she took one of his plates off between sets!

All and all I can’t get over the progress this lady has made in our short time together. She’s got strong, she’s lost fat, she looks great and she trains 3-4 times a week.

Another lady that is showing you all the blueprint for success.

I want to thank her for showing faith in me, and look forward to the progress she’s going to make over the coming months!

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