Superstar Client #5: Mandy

Mandy Can RDL For Days

Every Wednesday and Friday at 7.45am you’ll be sure to find Mandy Muldowney in Train & Gain working her socks off.

Come rain, hail or shine there is no stopping her. She’s there doing deadlifts, squats, bench presses, planks etc.

And this is all after walking her dogs!

When Mandy came to me in February she wanted to lose a little bit of weight and get a little more defined. She was sick of doing the diet merry go round.

She’d lost weight before, but wasn’t completely happy with how she looked and ultimately couldn’t keep it off.

She was determined to finally take control of her fitness and nutrition. She’s done that in spades.

The Results To Prove It

She has lost 8 or 9 pound, lost 8 inches from her chest, waist, hips, arms and legs AND has gotten super strong. Doing Romanian deadlifts with 60kg for 10 reps isn’t bad is it?

All that is great but it is her mind-set which has seen a massive improvement. Before she would have approached her fitness and nutrition from a place of scarcity; depriving herself of the foods she likes and punishing herself with crazy workouts.

But she has completely revolutionised how she approaches food and exercise. Mandy has educated herself on the foods to prioritise.

I joke with her about how obsessed she gets with eating more and more protein! I’m sure the rest of the girls in the Credit Union understand.

She eats well MOST of the time with the odd Indian (think she should have some sort of loyalty card for Spice India in Carrick), and glass of wine.

That’s how to do it. Flexibility.

She does two or three gym workouts a week, alongside walking ‘trigger digger’ and the rest of the gang.


That’s the beauty of Mandy’s journey; she’s learned all this info so she can use it for life. This isn’t some 6 weeks abs blast that teaches you nothing, this is something that can be used for a lifetime.

Something that can get you results a year, two years down the line.

You know the added bonus of sessions with Mandy?

Even though it might be my first session of the day and it’s 7.45am, there are always LOTS of laughs.

The hour genuinely flies by. Whether it’s getting the latest about Love Island last month (didn’t watch any but I sure knew a lot about it) or marvelling at her wide range of high protein purchases, I’m guaranteed a giggle.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mandy. She’s been an outstanding client and one that I’m really excited to see progress further.

For any ladies out there that are looking to shed fat, build muscle and get confident I recommend talking to Mandy. She’s done it. She’s done it the right way.

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