Superstar Client #6: Nyamh


Caring is one of those careers which tests almost every faculty in oneself. Pressurised, physically demanding, mentally exhausting, irregular shifts and weekend work make it one I do not envy.

Yet, similar to that of a chef or an entrepreneur it is one of those careers that tests every fibre, but is extremely rewarding. One of those careers that people love, despite its difficulty.

It Can Be Done

With all that said, it can make prioritising fitness a challenge. With patients, manual work, a family and other responsibilities health can get pushed further and further down the list.

But for the past 10 months Nyamh Tyrrell has flipped that on its head. She has transformed her approach to training and has benefitted as such.

She has fallen in love with the gym, training 3-4 times a week. Getting exercise done EVEN when on those dreaded night shifts.

Outstanding Results

As with many of my clients, the results speak for themselves. Nyamh gets constant compliments on her appearance.

She’s dropped a couple of dress sizes, of course she has; since we began working together she’s lost 4.5 inches off her waist alone!

She’s another that proves living the life of a hermit isn’t required for a change to occur. There’s been concerts, holidays, nights out, cinema dates amongst other occasions. Your social life does NOT have to die to see crazy results.

I believe people lie to themselves when they say they don’t have time to work out or make a change to their lifestyle. The only person they’re kidding is themselves. Nyamh is proof of that.

She’s an inspiration to those that have high pressure jobs. An inspiration to those that feel like they don’t have the mental capacity to do it.


If you know Nyamh (or if you do not), ask her about her journey. She’ll be more than happy to offer advice.

As with all my clients, I’d like to thank Nyamh for the past 10 months. I cannot wait to see her progress in the future.

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