Superstar Client #7: Allison

‘Thank you for getting me on track and finally making me realize how to lose weight and keep it off’

When I see quotes like that I feel like I have the best job in the world.

Yet, it wasn’t me that ate the right foods.

It wasn’t me that got the steps in.

It wasn’t me that did the home workouts.

Sure, I probably facilitated all those things to happen and added in some accountability, but the person in question still has to do the hard work. I can’t do it for them.

Well Allison did that in spades.

Allison is the first online client to make it onto my superstar list, and richly deserved.

No Excuses

When you have a job with a large amount of hours, and can be on call, it makes prioritising your health difficult. It’s easy to make excuses.

‘I haven’t time to lose weight’ is something I hear a lot.

Allison is proof that this doesn’t have to be so.

Even if she doesn’t make it home to 9pm, she STILL throws on the workout clothes and bangs out a home workout.

Even if she is away all day and can’t bring food with her, she STILL goes for the ‘better’ option when it comes to lunch time.

I think the aspect that I am most proud of with her is how sustainable this change is; that she will always keep this weight off.


She still has nights out, weekends away, dinner dates etc. All of which have to be done. Yet, she still loses weight and loses inches.

Again, another example of someone that has transformed themselves, whilst still doing the things they love.

Proof is in the pudding…….

10 inches gone from around the body. The hips, and area she wanted to work on, is 4 inches down!

I mean look at the change below!


She deserves every last bit of it. It’s her work ethic, commitment and consistency which is getting her these results.

She’s an inspiration for anyone that thinks they’re ‘too busy’.

I am so proud of Allison, and know that if she keeps up the effort she’s been putting in she’s going to see even better and better results.

I want to thank her for being my client over the past few months and inspiring other people to make the change.

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