Top 7 Health Goals to Focus On in 2019

Setting Goals
Goals for 2019

We live in a wonderful age. The internet allows us to reach people that before would have been impossible, whilst we have any information at the touch of a button.

We can use Skype, Google, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, Facetime and Alexa. There is limitless amounts of information we can get our hands on.

Yet, therein, lies the problem. We have too much. At times we don’t know where to find the correct information. More importantly we don’t know who to trust anymore.

Anyone can write a blog, start a YouTube channel or Podcast. It isn’t difficult, I’ve done all three. That’s great! People like myself can try to get useful content out to my followers. Unfortunately the internet is awash with scammers or plain uneducated individuals offering useful or dangerous information.

For you it can be hard to sift through the BS. I’ve felt the frustration of information overload. Who’s right? Such and such says carbs are bad whilst the next guy says eat as many carbs as you like. Generally falling on extreme ends of the spectrum like that is an indication of bull.

Regardless, all this information can overwhelm you. So I’ve decided to cut all of it out and give you seven tangible things you can work on in 2019. These are seven health related goals you can complete that have the greatest ‘bang for buck’.

 Do Strength Training

Not this again I hear you ask? Sorry, but yes I feel that strongly about strength training. In my experience it is the exercise routine that yields the greatest results, and in a quicker and more efficient timeframe.

I have worked with countless women over the past few years. The sheer delight when after only three weeks they can see measurement improvements is uplifting.

Strength Training Goals
Benefits of Strength Training

It’s not just physical improvements. I take great pride in seeing mood and energy improve, the accomplishment they feel once they’ve lifted a heavy weight, and the love they gain for strength training.

I truly believe I have the greatest job in the world and getting women to strength train is the reason for that!

Eat 80-90% of Your Food from Natural Sources

How many times have you tried to go cold turkey from chocolate, crisps and alcohol? After a week or two I’m sure you got frustrated and gave up.

You don’t have to completely remove these foods from your diet, just control their quantity. No food in of itself, in small amounts, is going to cause you any health consequences. It’s the sheer over indulgence in them that causes us trouble.

Natural food sources, such as fruits, veggies, lean proteins, nuts and dairy, contain far superior amounts of vitamins and minerals. Processed crap, for want of a better phrase, doesn’t have the same micronutrient quality and makes it harder for us to absorb these minerals.

Get 7-9 Hours Sleep Every Night

Imagine there was a magic pill you could take that gave you more energy, decreased your appetite, increased metabolism and increased recovery? You’d pay a fine penny for that wouldn’t you?

Sleeping Goals
Sleeping is Important

Here’s the thing, your bed is that magic pill. If you don’t get enough good quality sleep then you’re missing out on those benefits. Sleep affects most processes in the body, that’s why I’m so passionate about it with my clients.

I find it amusing when people say ‘but I’m just a bad sleeper’. This is the same person that is on their phone right before bed, stays up to 1am, drinks gallons of coffee and has a room full of artificial light. You’re not a bad sleeper, you’re just bad at planning your sleep.

Don’t use the bad sleeper tag. Work on your routine and environment first and then see if you’re still a bad sleeper. I wrote a whole blog on this, read here.

Practice Gratitude

In 2018 I truly discovered the power of gratitude. Sounds kind of corny but when we’re grateful for the simple things in our life we don’t get stressed out or overwhelmed about the littles things we don’t like.

Tony Robbins once said, ‘gratitude is the opposite of anger’, and the past year has really drove that home for me.

In the morning times I take just 1-2 minutes after I do some meditation and think about one thing I am grateful for. Might be something tiny like the beautiful weather or a new pair of shoes etc. It just brings some perspective into my life for that day. I suggest you try it out.


2018 might have been the year of gratitude for me, but 2017 was the year for meditation. I stumbled upon mindfulness meditation through an amazing app called HeadSpace and haven’t look back since.

Yes me, a previous naysayer on the wishy wash idea of sitting in silence with nothing but ones thoughts. However, the benefits I have experienced have been outstanding.

I feel less stressed, I can focus on tasks better and my memory is improved. Although I don’t believe mindfulness is for everyone, I do think finding a stress busting activity is a worthwhile endeavour.

We live in an ever increasing paced society. It can take its toll. So finding an activity that calms you down is invaluable. That might be exercise, meditation or simply chatting with a few friends a couple of times a week. Whatever it is, if it calms you down then do it!

Eat Higher Amounts of Protein

Regardless of whether you’re trying to increase muscle mass or lose fat, protein is crucial.

For muscle gain, protein is essential as it helps repair muscle that is damaged (in a good way) through strength training. For fat loss, its major benefit is its effect on our hunger. Protein keeps us fuller for longer due to its slow exit time from the stomach.

Aside from these benefits protein adds bulk to meals, improves our immune system and helps make essential enzymes in the body.

So eating higher amounts of fish, meat, dairy and chicken is about more than just the taste.

Do More of the Things You Enjoy

We live in a funny old world. We’re forced to do plenty of things we’re not particularly fond of. Yet we somehow manage to choose to do tasks we hate by our own doing.

Perhaps you’re working late at the office. You’ve choose to do that, your boss didn’t ask you too. You know deep down that you’ll probably be able to catch up tomorrow anyway yet you still choose to stay late.

Enjoy Your Goals
Enjoy Yourself!

This dilly dallying at the office means you’re missing out on that coffee date with your friends; something you enjoy doing!

Well I say go home and get to that coffee date. Do more of those things you enjoy. Obviously not to the detriment of your career, family or personal life. Just the things that don’t really matter when you boil down to it. We’re only here for a short time.

That’s it! Seven simple health goals to focus on this year!

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