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What will The Strong & Sexy Program Do For You....

  • Shred stubborn fat around your waist, legs, hips & arms
  • Build muscle in all the right spots
  • Feel slimmer, sexier & more confident
  • Discover how you can enjoy the foods you love WITHOUT feeling guilty
  • Become a total new person with increased energy and mind-set
  • Let's you accept your body for what it is; strong
  • Discover how to become unreliant on motivation, so you can become a woman of action
  • Use the private FB group for support & accountability

Look What These Ladies Have Achieved...


I've really enjoyed being pushed, and I've been doing things I never would have before.

I've really improved my diet because of you and that's really helping me improve in my training.

I feel stronger, fitter and my clothes fit much better!


My life has completely changed from never wanting to enter a gym to going now without a care in the world.

The benefits have been truly amazing, learning how to lift weights correctly, feeling confident and reaching goals I never thought I'd achieve.

The feeling of achievement when walking out of the gym. Without the encouragement from James this would of been impossible. Training has most definitely improved my mental health and has made me a stronger person all round.


Doing the programme has given me much more than I ever thought it would. James has really helped me change my mindset on both nutrition and exercising.

With the programme there is no unrealistic expectations for doing excessive cardio, training for hours or depriving yourself from the foods you enjoy which makes goals so much easier to achieve. He is always there to answer any questions or give you that little bit of motivation when needed. I could not recommend his online coaching enough and can't wait to see what the next few months bring.

Who Am I?


James Mc Dowell

If you're reading this page, then you're ready to make the change to gain the body you've always dreamt of

That's where I can help

For the past five years I've made it my mission to help women transform their bodies so they can regain their confidence

I've been equipping women just like YOU with the tools to lose weight, lose inches and become stronger than imaginable

I get what it's like to struggle with your weight

I get what it's like to struggle with your body image

I've been there........

During my college years I had significant trouble with my weight, which really impacted how I felt about my body

But using the tools I'm going to show you in 'Strong & Sexy' I was able to become proud of my body, fit back into my favorite clothes & look better for my other half

Flexible food choices, smart gym workout routines and a solid mindset have helped me develop a positive body image

So if you're ready to fast track your way to your dream body sign up today.....

What's Involved

Smart Gym Workouts

These gym based workouts have been specially designed so that you can shed fat and build muscle as efficiently as possible.

Flexible Food Choices

No foods are off limits! Learn how to encorporate flexible into your life so you can lose fat and keep it off.

Develop a Solid Mindset

Discover how you can set lofty goals, smash them and never feel the need to be 'motivated' again.


Use the private FB community for support and accountability. James will be available through constant FB Group support.

What You Get... 

  • 12 Weeks of Online Advanced Coaching To Help You Transform Your Body
  • Personalised Full Body Workout Routines Delivered To Your Inbox Specially Designed to Suit Your Needs & Experience
  • 115 (yep 115) Tasty, Healthy Recipes to Make Hitting Your Nutrition Targets That Bit Easier
  • CONSTANT Support & Accountability In My Exclusive 'Strong & Sexy' FB Group
  • Weekly Live FB Lives To Answer Any Questions
  • UNLIMITED Access to All Coaching Materials Including Coaching Videos, Instructional Exercise Videos & Educational PDFs
  • And a Whole Lot More...  

Look What These Ladies Have Achieved...


I can't recommend James enough. Having had a bad experience with a previous trainer, the fear was real. He was always very encouraging and reassured me. I have lost weight, less irratble and more confident.


Most thing I've enjoyed is the constant contact for accountability. It's been nice to have someone to tell when I'm making progress in weights and for the encouragement to keep going. I'm lifting heavier weights than ever, positive mindset, more motivation to eat well, haven't binged on sugary food in weeks. Overall happier and look forward to every workout!


After Christmas I decided to give my usual New Year's resolution of 'getting in shape' another go. I seen James on FB and haven't looked back since. He has been there every step of the way with amazing encouragement and support. The sessions are excellent and realy enjoyable.

I couldn't be happier and definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape.

What makes 'Strong & Sexy' different?

  • There are no crazy, restrictive diet plans to follow
  • The accountability through the Facebook group and email support is outstanding
  • The key is sustainability. Not only will you gain amazing results but you'll keep them!
  • Workouts become enjoyable
  • You'll be working out less than ever. With just three workouts a week you can shed fat, gain muscle and look fantastic


Do I need to have used the gym before? Not at all. There is a beginner, intermediate & advanced section to the gym program and James will coach you through everything.

What's involved in the coaching videos? The videos will be sent to your email inbox each week and will cover training, nutrition and mindset.

I'm not a great cook, will that affect me? Absolutely not. The recipes are easy to follow.

Is the nutrition program restrictive? There is a 'King of Macontrients' E-book included which will show you how to incorporate the foods you love into your routin.

What if i have any questions? You can email me each week or save them up for the weekly FB live.

Is the program fully online? Yes, with fantastic support throughout.