What’s Not Taking Action Costing You?


I’ll never forget my father telling me a story about him having the opportunity to purchase a piece of land in Carlingford, Co. Louth back in the 80s.

Can’t remember the exact cost of the land, was something miniscule like €5,000. During the Celtic Tiger years that same piece of land would have been worth hundreds of thousands.

The cost of him not taking action was huge. Had he taken that little bit of action he’d have set himself up for life.

Turned out he made a nice few quid on the land he eventually did purchase and build on, just not as much.

Perhaps he just felt a little uneasy spending money on that property, he may have been afraid. I think most likely he was worried about moving across the border, probably wanted to stay close to home.

He decided not taking action on that property was the best option, and it may well have been. There are more important things than money.

The Cost of Action

Regardless, when it comes to everyday activities such as going to the gym we never think about the cost of NOT taking action. We’ll focus on what’ll happen by doing something.

When you ponder going to the gym you’ll think about all the things that worry you. The guys at the gym will be mean, people will judge you, you won’t know how to use the equipment etc.

The cost of going to the gym will be the little bit of anxiety and uneasiness you feel. You’ll feel a little self-conscious and as if people are watching you.

Let’s face it though; that’s a fairly low cost. It won’t last forever, surely after a few weeks that will dissipate even a little.

The Bigger Cost

But let’s think of a different cost. Let’s think about the cost if you DON’T go to the gym. What will that cost you?

Presumably if you’re even considering the possibility of going to the gym then you want to change something. Be that physically or mentally, you want something different.

Perhaps you want to look better naked, or you want the energy to play with your kids, or you want to destress from work. You want a change.

Well what if you don’t start a gym routine. What will the cost be? Will you still be where you are now or will you be even worse?

You might be heavier, or more unfit, or struggling with your mental health. This might seem like a bleak picture but it could be true.

It’s Not All Happy Happs

In fitness and health we’ve a tendency to see everything as sunshine and roses. That mightn’t be how it turns out though. The worst possible situation COULD occur. So why not try to avoid that.

When you see that worst case scenario it may give you the push to take steps to avoid it.

Yes there is a cost to going to the gym (aside from the financial cost). It may take you out of your comfort zone.

Trust me, I get it. I do a lot of things that feel uneasy at first.

You will be anxious, you will be nervous and you will feel like a bit of a tool. However, if you were to weigh that against the absolute worst case scenario if you don’t take action? Would the initial cost of attending the gym be worthwhile?

Imagine I said to you ‘right I’m going to make you feel a little self-conscious three times a week, but it will get progressively better each time. Or if you don’t in six months you’ll still be out of shape and lacking in energy.’

Which would you choose? I’m sure you’d snap my hand off for the self-consciousness.

Yet sadly lots of women aren’t feeling the same. Women are focusing on the cost of taking action.

Everything Comes From Action

Remember everything you’ve achieved in life has been the result of action. That job you got, the kids you have, the marathon you ran; all of these were the result of little bits of action.

They didn’t just happen. Without action they’d cease to be. That’s what will happen to your health if you keep putting off getting into the gym.

There are two things that can happen; either you stay the same or you regress. Neither are attractive possibilities.

I suggest you write down a list of the costs of taking action; financial, emotional, inter-personal costs etc. Then imagine your life in six months if you don’t take action and write down the costs with that.

At least then you can weigh up your options. Ultimately you’ll find that the gym is worth the initial anxious investment.

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