Why Can’t We Just Be Patient?


This is going to be a short blog, because some of you won’t have the patience to read to the end. That will make sense in due course.

Those that know me are aware that I’m a huge boxing fan. Boxed all through my teenage years and absolutely loved it.

Kind of fell out of the sport after that but have always followed the big fights.

Joshua Vs Ruiz

Well at the weekend one of the biggest upsets (of all time perhaps) happened. The chiselled, lean, muscular Anthony Joshua was defeated by Andy Ruiz; a guy that doesn’t exactly look like an athlete.

It was a shock, and to the lay person would seem like Ruiz sprung out of nowhere.

Regardless of how he looks Ruiz didn’t just turn up off the street and fight for the heavyweight title of the world. He didn’t achieve that success overnight.

This is a man that’s been grinding away since he was a child. His entire life revolved around that moment on Saturday night.

It took hard work. It took consistency. Ultimately it took patience.

Winning that title didn’t happen overnight. Nothing worthwhile has. So why do people think changing their body or getting stronger will?

What’s The Rush?

I hosted an Instagram Q&A during the week and the following question was asked; ‘What’s the quickest way to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time?’

That’s a perfectly normal question to be asked.

I get it. We all want to see results.

But why the quickest? How about the best? Are we in a rush?

It’s the way the world is these days. High speed internet, faster smart phones, and next day delivery. Everything has to be on the spot. No time lost.

If you use this sort of mind-set towards your body, you’re destined for failure. Changing your body takes time, but if you give it the time it deserves you will see results.

My Clients Get Results

I’ve been training clients full time since September 2018. Many of my clients have been training with me for 5, 6 or even 7 months. They’ve ALL got amazing results.

They’ve lost weight, lost inches, dropped dress sizes, and got REALLY strong. They’ve got two things in common. They were consistent and they were PATIENT.

Training with me is not a quick fix. You’re not going to see an outstanding physical transformation in three weeks. If that’s what you want look elsewhere.

What you will get is a plan put in place suited to your needs, at your pace and which is flexible enough to allow you to enjoy life.

You see that restrictive ‘4 week drop a dress size’ plan advertised? Where is that person in six months’ time? I’ll tell you where, back to where they started.

What about the insane six week blast/bodypump/kettlebell/crossfit/SeanT/TRX/BloodyBootcampCrap course? Not a hope of you maintaining results on that.

Nothing against some of these classes, it’s just the problem lies with people wanting to be a supermodel after them.

I love training. I love training people. But I understand its limitations, and one of those is that it takes time.

I’ll leave you with this quote;

‘Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet’

Jean Jacques Rousseau

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